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Pavel Fuks
Chairman of the Board of Directors of MosCityGroup

He bought a trough for 200 thousand dollars

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Surname: Fuks

Name: Pavel

Fathername: Yakovlevich

Position: Chairman of the Board of Directors of MosCityGroup

   Pavel Fuks was born on 27 October  1971  in Kharkiv, the city of Ukrainian SSR.
   In 1994 he graduated from   Kharkiv State University with a degree  in economics and social planning. In 1997 - 2003 he studied at the distance training department  of  Plekhanov Academy of Economics and got a degree in  world economics.
 In 1992-1994 he was an adviser to a director-general of  Intrada trade house.
 In 1995-1999 he was an adviser to a chairman of the board of directors of Prominvestbank.
 In 1999-2000 he was a vice-president of Foreign economic corporation.
 In 2002-2004  he was a chairman of the board of directors of Ingeokom-Invest  company.

 In  2004-2006  he was a director-general of  Techinvest company.

 Since 2006 he has been a chairman of the board of directors of MosCityGroup
Letter of commendation from  president Vladimir Putin for "contribution to the formation of the Russian economy"
Fuks is married and has  two children.
Source: Kompaniya


  In 2005 during a charity auction Pavel Fuks drew attention of mass media for the first time. Ukrainian president  Viktor Yushchenko, apart from  two barrels of honey, put up for auction a trough, dating back to the XVIII century. The wooden rarity was purchased for 200 thousand dollars by Pavel Fuks, Moscow businessman  born in Kharkiv.
Source: Kompaniya, 1 June 2007

  By 2007  MCG real estate company, owned by Pavel Fuks, had been a major player on the real estate market of Moscow and the Moscow region. Fuks planned to invest in real estate development about $ 5 billion, which was comparable to a project portfolio of   Mirax Group.
   Market participants could not say anything about MCG 's money source.  They did not rule out that the company had invited  one of the major Moscow real estate developers  as a partner.
Source: Kommersant, 12 February 2007

    Former head of the Kremlin administration  and Yeltsin's son-in-law Valentin Yumashev was a  developer. Reports say that Yumashev owned a half of   Imperia Tower  building  in   Moscow City business centre.
   Imperia Tower was a joint project of Yumashev and chairman of the board of MosCityGroup Pavel Fuks.
Source: Business FM, 7 June  2011

   In 2011 Sberbank applied to Moscow arbitration. The bank filed a claim for over  5 billion rubles against Pavel Fuks' Techinvest, the company that in 2002 was established on a parity basis by MosCityGroup and  Evrazia  investment and commercial company. Techinvest was engaged in  construction of   Eurasia Tower  in   Moscow City . In 2009  Paul Fuchs' MCG consolidated   the project as Fuks bought out the share of  former owner of BTA bank of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Ablyazov for $ 50 million.
   In July 2008 Sberbank   opened  $ 500 million credit line  for Techinvest, for a period of five years. Τhe amount of the credit would have been sufficient for completion of Eurasia Tower. But in the first half of 2009    Sberbank suspended financing of the project   and the construction was discontinued. Fuks referred freeze on the loan to the current financial crisis. The company managed to build five underground floors  and forty four overground floors. Negotiations on  the debt between Sberbank and Techinvest  are being carried on. 100% of Eurasia  tower serve as collateral for the loan.  However, BTA Bank planned to take over half of the project. The bank applied to the High Court in London and sought to protest  a deal made by former president Mukhtar Ablyazov who had sold   50% of Techinvest company to Fuks.
Source: REMC, 15 March 2011

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